My name is Glen Maddern and I do rad web stuff


CSS Modules
Welcome to the Future - 2015-08-19
Interoperable CSS
A CSS standard for the Loader Age - 2015-06-21
JavaScript in 2015
A whole new world - 2015-01-07
Introducing AM - Attribute Modules for CSS
Moving beyond class-based styling - 2014-09-05


  1. Front End Center

    Screencasts for Web Professionals
  2. Styled Components

    Visual primitives for the component age.
  3. TypeSlab

    Simple, shareable typographic posters
  4. <x-gif>

    The GIF tag the internet deserves

    The internet is dumb and awesome again
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  1. The Future of Reusable CSS

    ColdFront 2016
  2. CSS in the Age of Components

    Smashing Conf NY 2016
  3. Interoperable CSS

    CSSConf EU 2015
  4. GIFs vs Web Components

    JSConf EU 2014
  5. A GIF Odyssey

    JSConf AU 2014
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  1. Coviu

    WebRTC interactive video conferencing
  2. CoinJar

    Bitcoin merchant & online wallet
  3. Path - Eliminate Dengue

    Content editing & publishing platform

    Not publicly accessible
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